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NEERO is now accepting proposals for our 2016 conference that is occurring in Portsmouth, NH from April 27th – April 29th ,2015. The submission deadline is October 30th, 2015. The full Call for Proposals can be accessed with the link below. We are looking forward to reading your submissions and seeing you in Portsmouth!

Additional information about the 2015 NEERO Call for Proposals

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General information about the types of papers NEERO accepts are below:

Download NEERO Presentation Guidelines

 Types of Presentations

Paper Presentations

Paper sessions are scheduled for 90 minutes and include three or four paper presentations and a discussant.  Papers are grouped together based on a common theme or research methodology.  To allow sufficient time for all presentations and audience questions, each presentation will be allotted approximately 15 minutes.  Paper presentations that include more than one presenter should be organized to flow smoothly within the allotted time.

All paper sessions include a discussant who will provide commentary and feedback on the research conducted by the presenters.  To allow sufficient time for the discussant to review the papers and prepare a presentation, it is critical that presenters submit a copy of their paper by the specified deadline.  If the final paper is not completed by the deadline, a draft will be sufficient.  See guidelines below for additional information about paper length, format, and audio-visual equipment.

Paper sessions are guided by a session chair.  Prior to the session, the chair will ensure that all presenters have arrived, check the operation of the audio-visual equipment, and distribute presenters’ handouts and presenter feedback forms.  During the session, the

session chair will introduce each presentation, monitor the length of the presentation, and serve as moderator for the question-and-answer period.  At the conclusion of the session, the chair will collect presenter feedback forms and return them to the conference registration area.


Symposia are scheduled for 90 minutes.  The number and format of presentations is determined by the symposium organizer.  However, each symposium should include sufficient time for audience questions.

The symposium organizer serves as the session chair.  Prior to the session, the chair will ensure that all presenters have arrived, check the operation of the audio-visual equipment, and distribute presenters’ handouts and presenter feedback forms.  At the conclusion of the session, the chair will collect presenter feedback forms and return the forms to the conference registration area.

A symposium may assign its own discussant.  If a discussant is assigned, the symposium organizer should arrange for the delivery of papers to the discussant prior to the conference.  NEERO does not coordinate the collection and distribution of papers for symposia discussants.

Research-in-Progress Roundtables

Roundtable sessions are scheduled for 90 minutes.  Each table will include approximately three presenters.  Roundtable sessions are not designed to include formal presentations.  At the beginning of the session, each presenter provides a brief description of her or his research or research plans and presents questions/issues for group discussion.

After all presenters have had the opportunity to describe their projects, the session is open to discussion among presenters and audience members.

A facilitator is assigned to each roundtable session.  The main function of the facilitator is to moderate the flow of the session.  Although the facilitator may join in the discussion and ask questions, the role is not the same as a formal discussant.

Roundtable presenters are not required to submit any presentation materials prior to the conference.

Note that no audio-visual equipment is provided or permitted for roundtable presentations.


Poster presenters will be available to answer questions as conference attendees view the posters during the poster session.

NEERO posters are designed to be displayed on a tabletop – not affixed to a display panel.  Presenters may bring their own pre-assembled posters or NEERO will provide a 3-section poster display board.  The dimensions of the poster display board provided are shown below.  All posters should adhere as closely as possible to the total dimensions shown below (2 ft. X 4 ft.)

Poster presenters are asked to check-in at the conference registration table to receive their display board or to confirm that they have provided their own display materials.

General Guidelines

Audio-visual equipment 

Each presentation room for papers and symposia will be equipped with an LCD projector and screen.  No audiovisual equipment is provided for research-in-progress roundtables.

Presenters may use their own computers and/or projectors but should also  have their presentation stored on a flash drive to minimize transition time between presentations.

Presenters who have special AV needs (e.g., slide projector, VCR) and those who are interested in renting equipment directly from the hotel should notify NEERO.  It is often possible to minimize costs and confusion by coordinating equipment rentals through the conference director.


NEERO cannot guarantee that an internet connection will be available in the meeting rooms for presentations.

Presenters who require an internet connection for their presentation should contact NEERO in advance.


Because papers presented at NEERO are not compiled for publication in conference proceedings, there are no strict guidelines regarding paper format.  However, papers prepared for NEERO should be research summaries of approximately 20 pages. The papers should follow APA style and authors should attempt to comply with the guidelines provided under General Information for Contributors to AERA Journals available on the AERA website at


Handouts of papers or presentations are not required.

Presenters are encouraged to provide contact information so that audience members can request handouts or additional information electronically.

Presenters who wish to bring handouts should plan to bring 10 copies of their research paper and/or presentation slides to the conference for distribution to audience members.  Handouts should also include the presenter’s contact information.

Arrival Time

In general, there are 15 minutes between NEERO sessions during the day.  Presenters should arrive at the presentation room at least 5-10 minutes prior to the scheduled time for their session.  Upon arrival, presenters should check-in with the session chair and provide the session chair with any handouts for distribution.

Presenters requiring additional time for set up of AV equipment are required to make prior arrangements with NEERO.